Animal Rights Art

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Making of the music video "The Hand Strikes Hard"

I love combining art and activism. I love music, and I love bands who raise their voice for animal rights through their songs. Allow me to introduce you to Superbrands - Croatian indie band that made a song which speaks about the seal hunt in Canada. It's not everyday that we see and hear about such bands, actually, this is the first band in Croatia that made a song like this one. With a song title like "The Hand Strikes Hard", it is obvious that Superbrands have no shame speaking out about the horrors of the Canadian seal hunt, and the lyrics of the song prove that. // "The beautiful landscape, once a place of birth // Now an open-air slaughterhouse of the ruler of all earth // He's swarming the ice floes // Hunting greedily, hooking cold-heartedly // He's peeling their skins off // And the babies cry // Why?!!" // Being a fan of bands like Rise Against who are known for their animal rights activism in songs, I was fascinated when I first heard Superbrands, because as I said before, this is the first time and the first band in Croatia that made such a giant step by speaking about animal rights through music. With that said, I was truly happy when Superbrands contacted me to film a music video for "The Hand Strikes Hard". As I love combining various types of art with activism, this was a great project and I loved being a part of it. Watch the music video here:
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