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Hi, my name is Mariana Vidmar.

I'm a journalist, vet tech student, freelance artist and founder of the Croatian Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection "Key".

From 2011. till 2015. I ran an educational-activist non-profit NGO called "Stop speciesism" (Stop specizmu) whose goal was to inform about social injustices and to promote alternatives, with the goal of educating the public about veganism, non-speciesism and the abolitionist approach to animal rights.

As of 2016., we expanded our area of activity and launched the first
Croatian Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection  "Key"!

The Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection "Key" primarily works as an educational-research center which will conduct a variety of desk and field research methods, as well as observation of animals in the natural habitat, with a strong emphasis on an undisturbed observation that won't in any way affect their natural way of life, their habits and natural needs. Taking into account various scientific, social, environmental and economic factors, we want to get concrete and relevant information about the current state of protection and implementation of animal rights, and effective ways of implementing their protection now and in the future. The Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection is also a place where all our theories about the protection of animal rights and nature, and a peaceful co-existence of man, other animals and nature are applied in practice. Because a different world is possible - and it's not just a theory.

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„Animal Rights Art“ is a series of artwork that speak about various issues animals are faced with. Through performances, paintings, digital designs, videos, short documentaries, writings and other forms of expression, my goal is to raise awareness about important issues to which most people don't even pay attention.

I also film short films about animal rights, speciesism, activism, shelters/sanctuaries, as well as vegan cooking tutorials and tutorials on how to help animals in your everyday which can be seen online at

My activism for animal rights began at the age of 13 when I started volunteering at a dog shelter. I realized that most people will gladly help animals, but at the same time create a huge dividing line between animals they consider „friends“ and animals they consider resources or food.  

I realized how discriminated these animals are and how important it is to speak about their lives and the injustice they are faced with, and how important it is to make a change for the better and to help all animals – regardless of their species.



  • Veterinary medicine - Vet tech (2017.)
  • Journalism - Zagreb (Graduated 2016.)
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare – University of Edinburgh (2014.)
  • Animal Behaviour – University of Melbourne (2014.)
  • Public Administration and Law – Zagreb (2010. - 2014.)
  • VIDEOAKTIV – Activist documentary workshop by Fade In, Zagreb (2013.)
  • Peace Studies, Center for Peace Studies, Zagreb (2013.)




  • Exhibition in Graz, Austria - MOVE Festival 2015.
  • Exhibition in Germany - Vegan Street Day 2015.
  • Exhibition in Germany - Vegan Street Day 2014.
  • "FRAGILE" exhibition at the Festival of Ethics, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013.
  • Exhibition in France – NO CAGE Art Fest 2013.
  • Exhibition "Heart Over Appetite" - Cinema "Europa", Zagreb, Croatia, 2012.
  • "ANIMAL RIGHTS ART" exhibition at the Festival of Ethics, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012.
  • ANIMAL RIGHTS ART in Los Angeles - National Animal Rights Conference, 2011.
  • ANIMAL RIGHTS ART in Zagreb – VEGEHOP, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011.
  • ANIMAL RIGHTS ART in Rijeka, promotion of the music video "The Hand Strikes Hard", Croatia, 2011.
  • ANIMAL RIGHTS ART: FIST ART FESTIVAL, Student Centre, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010.




  • "Silhuettes of life" - portfolio/brochure
  • "Introduction to Animal Behaviour" - brochure








Terms of use?

Feel free to share anything you like, but be fair and leave credits and/or a link to this site. If you want to use anything from this site for personal or non-profit purposes, or want a custom design, high resolution photo or painting, send me an e-mail. Thanks for visiting and enjoy! :)

Others about "Animal Rights Art"

Making the Invisible Visible

"Mariana is an artist who uses her various artistic skills to speak up for animals, creating stunning, vexing, thought-provoking work that has the power to leave you breathless and inspired."
Jasmin Singer, Our Hen House

"Ethically wrong" talks about Mariana

"Mariana is twenty-one years of age and lives in Croatia.  This artist works on exhibitions, documentaries, videos, blogs, and many other art forms that generate mindfulness on the topic of animal rights.  "Would You Eat a Dog or a Child?” is a recording of a performance done by Mariana. In this piece Mariana has sculpted animal parts as well has human parts.  She has set them on a plate and covered the sculptures in what looks like spaghetti sauce.  The plates and sculptures sit on a nice tablecloth, candle covered table in what looks like the middle of a paisa.  There are signs taped to the side of the table that read Stop Speciesism.  Speciesism equals the values and rights in consideration to individuals on the basis of species. The term is used mostly by animal rights advocates.  Throughout the video people stop and ponder the exhibit. No one asks any questions and Mariana continues to pretend that she is dining on her sculptures.  Occasionally letting “spaghetti sauce” spill out of her mouth."

Unvarnished truth  By: Johnathan A. Roberts

At first glance, much of the art of Mariana impresses one as being darkly expressionistic. Recurring themes of innocent animals enslaved, killed and imprisoned, the sometimes distorted features of her subjects heavily outlined in bold blacks fading into dimensionless fields of blood red, washed over in robustly simple earth tones, reveal a creative impulse that is partly rooted in an unmistakable sense of dread and of horror.

Another element of her work which immediately stands out is its political nature. It is not political in the sense of partisanship or concern for any one political party, but rather in its concern about legal policies which serve as justifications for society's ongoing cruel treatment of a segment of the population who, even in the most liberal democracies, are not recognized as being worthy of the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that humans take for granted. Given its political aspects, it should come as a surprise to no one that her work, with its straight-forward content emphasized by a stark backdrop, shares some common traits with a long tradition of revolutionary poster art.

It must be said that her unflinching focus on the the callous abuses of humanity toward the defenseless, however dark it may appear at first glance, shows an artist unafraid to look truth in the eye. Here is a young woman strong enough not to need or desire anyone to sugar-coat her view of reality in order to help her get out of bed and face the world each day. Furthermore, that Mariana's role as an artist is inseperable from her role as an animal rights activist also tells us something very important: Here is a young woman who holds the powerful belief that facing the unvarnished truth about the impact of our actions on those we share the planet with can lead us to improve the world, to ease the suffering of those who have no voice and perhaps redeem us all. Thus, her art also comes from a place which can only be described as humanity's better nature. Each brush stroke is an unequivocal act of hope and an expression of deep compassion and empathy. And that, finally, is what makes it important.


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